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The collective action spring gets underway today, focusing on the safety of water bodies in home neighbourhoods

This is the fifteenth time already that the annual springtime collective action event Let’s Do It takes place in Estonia, and today is the day that starts off the collective action spring which culminates on 7 May, the first Saturday in May in the form of the all-Estonian Let’s Do It collective action day. In cooperation with the Rescue Board, this year’s collective action day is focused on the safety of water bodies in home neighbourhoods. Collective work on nature conservation for everyone continues as well. All the people in Estonia are very welcome to participate in the collective action day, as are certainly welcome our new neighbours who have found shelter in Estonia while fleeing from the war in Ukraine. Collective actions can be submitted at
Tarmo Tüür, leader of the Let’s Do It collective action day, said that as opposed to the previous two COVID pandemic years, it is now once again possible to hold the collective action events in the traditional way involving larger groups. “The corona virus did not disrupt the tradition of collective action and this spring we invite all families and circles of friends, all communities and professional collectives, and also our new compatriots from Ukraine to participate, because in troubled times, cooperation and sticking together are the best way to strengthen the sense of security,” Tüür said. He added that this year’s collective action focus areas are well suited for voluntary contributions and strengthening the feeling of togetherness.

In cooperation with the Rescue Board, this spring the Let’s Do It team encourages to pay attention to the safety of water bodies in home neighbourhoods. According to Mikko Virkala, Rescue Board prevention expert, the severity of the problem is backed up by sombre statistical data. “Last year, the number of those who perished in water accidents in Estonia was the highest in recent memory – 60 people drowned. Nineteen people drowned because of falling and slipping, seven of them near their homes,” Virkala said. “Most importantly, we must turn our focus to improving the safety of irrigation water sources, footpaths near water bodies that have fallen into disarray, broken or missing well covers, broken bridges and footbridges, slippery and steep banks, and shore paths without guard rails, all of which claim multiple lives each year.” In order to facilitate collective action works aimed at improving water safety, event foremen can also apply for a small assist in the form of a construction store gift card. You can find more information on that at

As has been customary in previous years, everyone can organise a collective action event on the Let’s Do It day and invite others to participate to help improve the life of the community and get the most urgent works done together. Last year’s collective works aimed at improving biodiversity will continue this year, be it creating or enlarging a diverse flower patch, building bird nests and hiding boxes for the bats, setting up a composting area, or something like that. Those who elect to create a patch of meadow flowers can obtain a package full of seeds of local flowers.

The Let’s Do It collective action day arose from the big clean-up day of 2008 and the subsequent collective brainstorming of 2009. Since 2010, it has been an opportunity for every active citizen, neighbourhood, and community to do something for their own living environment. This spring, the collective action day also provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with our new neighbours – those who moved to the countryside during the COVID pandemic and also our new compatriots who have reached Estonia while fleeing from the war in Ukraine. Moments spent working together help strengthen the cohesiveness and safety of the society, as well as everybody’s personal sense of security.

The organisers of the 7 May collective action day are The Estonian Fund for Nature and Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement, plus its surrounding network. National Foundation of Civil Society, Rescue Board, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Vizeum, Bauhof, LHV, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tele2, and others participate as supporters and partners.

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