Teeme Ära collective action day was a success: 1,222 collective actions with 33,453 participants

The Teeme Ära collective action day, held on Saturday, May 6th, went smoothly and was successful all across Estonia. A total of 1,222 collective actions took place, with at least 33,453 volunteers participating. A wide range of collective works were held including cleaning of 242 apartment building basements, tidying of 205 saunas, and increasing the biodiversity of 151 school surroundings. Throught the day experiences and findings gathered by the organizers were collected and can be read in Estonian at

Henrik Raave, leader of Teeme Ära collective action day, expressed his satisfaction with the nationwide event, stating, "Collective action day was a tremendous success. Throughout the day, our headquarters received a lot of valuable information, overflowing emotions, and exciting discoveries from diverse works all over Estonia. I have never experienced such a wave of positivity across the country as we did today in our call center," said Raave. "The collective action day really shows the powerful force of creating and uniting communities. Many people have participated for the 16th time, since the very first time of the initiative. The enthusiasm and collective effort of people expressed through thousands of caring acts are difficult to put into words! It has become an integral part of Estonian society, without which tens of thousands of Estonian people cannot imagine the first Saturday of May. Thank you to all organizers and participants!"

In total, 1,222 collective works were organized, with the current data indicating the participation of 33,453 participants. The highest number of collective actions took place in Harju County and Tallinn, where a total of 1,162 people participated in 306 collective works. Saare County had the highest number of participants per capita, with 2,116 participants in 116 works. In Pärnu County, 2,741 people participated in 101 works, while Tartu County had 2,181 participants in 92 works. In Ida-Viru County, 3,336 people participated in 88 collective works, and in Lääne-Viru County, 2,006 participants were involved in 86 works. The remaining counties also had significant participation, as detailed in the statistics. Additionally, three projects were organized outside of Estonia, in France, Spain, and Canada, with a total of 242 participants.

This year's focus was on the following topics: cleaning up and preparing basements as shelters, tidying up saunas, and increasing the biodiversity in the surroundings of schools and the youth festival. As in previous years, people had the freedom to decide which tasks required collective effort. The most common activities included organizing clean-up and village gatherings, garbage cleanup projects, and residential association tasks. Additionally, there were also brainstorming sessions held alongside the physical work. Similar to previous years, Ukrainian volunteers participated in various locations.
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To share experiences and emotions from the day, participants are encouraged to submit photos and videos. They can be shared on social media using the hashtags #teemeära2023 and @talgupaev, or photos and links can be sent via email to (please include the name and location of the works). Videos of the Volunteer Day can be uploaded to YouTube using the keyword "Teeme Ära 2023."
Feedback from organizers/coordinators is welcomed and can be provided at
Updates about the collective action works across Estonia can be found on the  website

The collective action day Let’s Do It is a major annual spring event for dozens of thousands of people in Estonia, where they come together and get all the most urgent tasks in their neighbourhood done together. It was held for the 16th time and is one of the largest civic initiatives originated from a large-scale cleanup in 2008, followed by brainstorming sessions in 2009. Since 2010, organizing collective works has become an opportunity for active citizens, communities, and organizations to make a positive impact on their living environment.

This year's Teeme Ära collective works day was organized by the Estonian Fund for Nature, the Estonian Village Movement Kodukant, and their associated network. Supporters and partners, including the Ministry of the Interior, Rescue Board, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Dentsu, Bauhof, Nordic Hotel Forum, Schneider Electric, Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Foundation, Estonian Rural Tourism Association, Saunamaailm, Onninen, Tele2, and others, contributed to the event's success. The volunteer website is available in four languages: Estonian, Russian, English, and Ukrainian.  

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