This spring, families and circles of friends, communities and entire firms, as well as our new compatriots are particularly expected to roll up their sleeves on the collective action day, because in troubled times, cooperation and sticking together are the best way to foster a sense of security.

The appeal to contribute to the well-being of the home neighbourhood touches us all, the adults and young who have already participated in the Let’s Do It collective action day and also those who have not. The collective action day also provides an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with our new neighbours – both the people who moved to the countryside during the pandemic, and our new compatriots who have reached Estonia while fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

The Let’s Do It team considers it important that we could notice and support one another better during this difficult time, and we are convinced that moments spent working together help strengthen the cohesiveness and safety of the society, as well as everybody’s personal sense of security.