Safety of water bodies near home

In cooperation with the Rescue Board, we invite people to pay attention to the safety of water bodies large and small near their homes. Irrigation water sources, footpaths close to water that have fallen into disarray, broken or missing well covers, broken footbridges, slippery and steep banks, and shore paths without guard rails are the most important objects that need to be made safe. Mapping the problematic places provides an excellent opportunity to fix them together as part of the collective action, and to eliminate the dangers. Collective action event foremen can apply for an assist for water safety related works in the form of a construction store gift card.

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Nature conservation for everyone

The creation of species rich flower meadows that began last spring will continue on this year’s collective action day as well. However, it is but one of the many possible ways to support biodiversity that we can undertake as part of the collective action day. The more biodiversity we leave on our home street and around our house, the more there will be all kinds of butterflies, insects, amphibians, pollinators, and flowers that are pretty to look at. This biodiversity can be brought about by hedges consisting of endemic species, composting areas, small stone fences, mishmash plant beds – and also leaving some things undone. Packages of meadow plant seeds will be sent upon request to the collective action site, which can be used to create a species-rich patch of meadow flowers in your own garden, on the village square, or in front of the community centre.

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Let us notice and provide support

This year’s troubled times bring about totally new challenges, but as the collective action day has shown, we can do very much ourselves to make life better, no matter the time or the place. When drawing up collective action plans for this spring with the local community, we can also think about how to use the event to welcome our new neighbours – those who moved to the countryside during the corona pandemic, and also those who were recently forced to flee their war-torn homeland and have reached our country.